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Please either copy and paste the application below to a word document or email to complete and email or mail to the address on the application.

This questionnaire is for the mutual benefit of you, the prospective owner, me as the seller/breeder and the Golden Retriever you plan to have as a member of your family.

It does not constitute a contract on my part to provide you with a puppy, nor does it obligate you to take one.

Your answers to the questions are not the only factor in the determination of your suitability as a Golden Retriever owner.




Susan Lee

13 Hawthorne Drive, Medford, NJ 08055






Questionnaire for Potential Puppy Buyer                                                   Date___________________








How did you learn about us?______________________________________________________________


Why did you decide to purchase a Golden Retriever ___________________________________________




Have you owned a dog(s) before? _____What became of it/them? ________________________________


Does anyone in the family have a job that requires frequent relocation? ____________________________


Do you prefer a male_____ or female_____ puppy? Why? ______________________________________


Why are you planning on purchasing a Golden Retriever? (circle one)

 Family Pet / Obedience / Show / Field/ Hunting / Breeding/ Therapy Dog / Companion Dog


Do you have children? ________If so, what are their ages? _____________________________________


Do ALL members of the family want a new puppy? ____________________________________________


Do any family members have allergies to dogs? ______________________________________________


Are any family members afraid of large dogs?________________________________________________ 


Have any family members ever been bitten by a dog? __________________________________________


Are you aware that Golden Retrievers are large dogs (65-85lbs) and that they shed? _________________



Where will the Golden be accommodated during the day:_______________________________________


Will someone be home with the dog during the day or able to get home to potty the puppy? _________________________________________________________________


If no, what kind of arrangements will you be making for the new puppy? ____________________________


Do you have a securely fenced yard? _________________________ A kennel run? _________________


Do you have locks on your gates?_____________________________________________


Do you have a chain link kennel run? _______________________________________________________


Please describe yard size and fencing:_____________________________________________________


Have you ever crate trained a puppy or dog? _______________________________________________


Who will train the puppy?_________________________________________________________________


Who will be primarily responsible for the care of the puppy?______________________________________


Are you willing to spay/neuter this dog? ________  If not, why?___________________________________


Name, Address, Phone number of your veterinarian____________________________________________             ______________________________________________________________________________


Have you ever given a dog to another home or shelter?_______If, so why?_________________________


How would you describe your lifestyle as a family? ____________________________________________


What type of recreation do you enjoy as a family?_____________________________________________


How do you usually spend your vacations? __________________________________________________


How would the puppy be cared for when you are away? ________________________________________


How would you describe the ideal Golden Temperament? ______________________________________


Is there a particular “look” that you prefer (size, color, structure)? _________________________________


Are you willing to maintain contact with Sweet ea Golden Retrievers throughout your puppy’s life regarding personality development, training, health problems, and sharing photos if possible? __________